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Lost Lake Confessions
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Following a short lived career as a director in Los Angeles, Jahan “JD” Davani returns to Vancouver only to find out the devastating news that his cancer has relapsed and his life now hangs in the balance. In an attempt to escape this harsh reality, if only for a fleeting time, JD takes his 3 best friends, Hilary, Ray and Connie on a camping trip to Lost Lake for one last nostalgic hoorah. Upon arrival, the standard Canadian camping experience ensues as the group enjoys playing games, barbecuing, hiking and swimming. While JD’s initial plan was not to speak a word of his recent diagnosis on the trip, his friends know him well enough to quickly suspect that something’s off. After some prodding, JD eventually reveals his cancer secret and in doing so sets off a chain reaction of truth bombs throughout the group that will change their lives forever.
Ray divulges that he’s under indictment for an accidental cryptocurrency “pump and dump” scheme that could lose him his job, his family, and his freedom while Connie discloses about a childhood trauma that has left him tormented and alone, struggling with an identity crisis that has followed him his entire life. Hilary confesses that her marriage is in shambles due in large part to her secret love for JD who in turn reveals his lifelong love for her. Everyone in the group faces an existential crisis as they grapple with the questions of mortality, purpose and their place in the world. These new revelations lead to the understanding that maybe no one knows each other quite as well as they think they do because everyone is fighting a silent battle that often goes unseen. While the future is uncertain, the group learns that hope, love, loyalty and friendship are the strongest forces in their lives and none of them are truly lost.