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Kasper Nordin is a down and out back up singer whose only claim to fame is having recently been married to an international pop star. In those fleeting moments he had the world in the palm of his hand, but those days are over. Opportunity knocks when Kasper is asked to take part in an online, ‘Big Brother’ style reality show where the winner takes home 5 million dollars. In an attempt to re-brand his image and tarnished reputation, Kasper reluctantly agrees to go against his better judgment and enter The Funhouse.

After being taken to a secret location, Kasper meets an outlandish group of housemates, including – former Bachelorette star, Lonni Byrne, Irish MMA fighter, James “Headstone” Malone, Instagram celebutant, Ula La More, Chess Grand Master, Cat Zim, Celebrity Blogger, Ximena Torres, Youtube sensation, Nevin Eversmith and Internet Hip Hop Artist, Dex “El Shocker” Souza. At first, the Funhouse is just as the name suggests, full of wild times, budding friendships, love connections and brewing rivalries. Unfortunately the fun times quickly turn into a nightmare when the first challenge leaves one of the contestants brutally murdered. The housemates soon realize that they are in the clutches of a sadistic mad man, disguised as a creepy computer generated
panda bear, pulling the strings of their fate. In a cruel twist of fate, Kasper finds himself falling for Lonni and now must face the possibility of watching her die or even worse, being her executioner.
Now, as the online world watches, Kasper and his housemates become pawns in a maniacal game of chance, doing everything in their power and imagination to win the audience for the coveted votes that will carry them to victory. As the challenges become more difficult, the consequences become more horrific, generating even bigger online audiences. As the days pass, the survivors spiral into despair, questioning their very existence and the part they play in a world obsessed with social media, fame and sensationalized tragedy.
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Valter Skarsgård
Kasper Nordin
image character
Gigi Saul Guerrero
Ximena Torres
image character
Christopher Gerard
James 'Headstone' Malone
image character
Khamisa Wilsher
Lonni Byrne
image character
Karolina Benefield
Ula La More
image character
Jerome Velinsky
Nero Alexander (Furcas)
image character
Mathias Retamal
Dex 'El Shocker' Souza
image character
Amanda Howells
Cat Zim
image character
Dayleigh Nelson
Nevin Eversmith